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5 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas


Want to make your child’s tooth fairy experience memorable and fun? Here are 5 amazing ideas:

1. Give a Bravery Certificate

While losing baby teeth is exciting and fun, we often forget that it can also be a somewhat traumatic and painful experience. This is where rewarding your child with a bravery certificate comes in. Having one will make them feel like a superstar!

2. Glitter Money

Glitter and fairies go hand in hand! Therefore, to make sure that your child suspects the money to be a reward from the tooth fairy, add an extra coat of sparkle to the coins or cash. Here is a step-by-step guide!

3. Tooth Fairy Boxes, Containers, and Pillows

Sneaking your hand under a sleeping child’s pillow and replacing a fallen baby tooth with a gift is no less than a struggle. Therefore, the creative way out is to make little tooth fairy-themed boxes and ask your child to leave their teeth inside before they sleep and wait for the magic to happen!

4. Leave a Teeny Tiny Note

Leaving a hand-written note by the tooth fairy will make your child feel more special than you think. Scribble the tiny note according to your child’s interest, roll it or fold it up and leave it under their pillow for a special surprise.

5. Dental Swag Bag

Considering how much emphasis the tooth fairy places on your child’s oral health might spark an interest in dental hygiene in your kid if done the right way. The easiest way to do this is by gifting your child a customized “Dental Swag Bag.” This can include a fun flavored toothpaste, animal-shaped dental floss, and a toothbrush of your child’s favorite cartoon character.

For information on your child’s oral health, contact a Frederick pediatric dentist at 303-848-3633.

Posted on Mar 28, 2022
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