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Dentistry for Kids
Dentistry for Babies
Preventive Care
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Children’s Dentist

How Is Pediatric Dentistry Different?

Pediatric dentistry is known as the area of dentistry that focuses solely on the oral health and hygiene of infants, children, and adolescents. Here at Firestone Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, our pediatric dentists have years of experience in caring for the teeth of Firestone, Colorado’s children. We know that kid’s teeth and gums require specialized care and we have the training and qualifications to provide that care. In addition to the four years of dental school, a kid’s dentist will have also completed two additional years of residency training working solely with children.

Baby teeth (also called primary teeth) are the set of 20 teeth that children receive in preparation for their adult teeth. Baby teeth assist in speech development, proper chewing, and helping align and provide space for the permanent teeth. Children will begin to get their baby teeth during the first 6 months to a year of life, although it’s important to keep in mind that each child’s mouth will develop at a different rate. Your child will begin to lose these baby teeth by age 6 or 7, and they will then begin to be replaced by the permanent teeth.

The American Dental Association has recommended that children see the dentist by their first birthday, or at the eruption of their first tooth. Caring for baby teeth will set an important foundation for the rest of your child’s life. By learning how to take care of their teeth, your child will develop healthy oral hygiene habits that they will be more likely to carry with them into adulthood. If you neglect this important part of your child’s health, he or she may develop dental issues such as decay or gum disease, which can cause complications for the rest of their life.

The Types Of Treatment Pediatric Dentists Provide

Below is a short list of just a few of the treatments and services we provide to the children of Firestone, CO and the surrounding areas.

  • Preventive care – Cleanings and exams will help us catch any problems early on
  • Infant oral health exams – Ensuring that your child’s teeth are coming in correctly
  • Habit correction – We can help you to identify and correct your child’s bad oral health habits
  • Tooth cavity repair – Filling cavities before they cause harmful decay
  • Care for dental injuries – This can include chipped, displaced or knocked-out teeth.

Dental Pediatrics

We know that most children have a difficult time during dental appointments. It’s even hard for some adults to be patient and cooperative! The dentist can be scary and overwhelming for a child, which is why our pediatric dentists have been trained in the best way to put children at ease.Serving Fredrick, Dacono, Fort Lupton, Friestone and beyond. The best child dentist in the area.