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Appliances commonly known as dental braces are used to correct misaligned teeth. Traditional braces can also correct bite and jaw problems. You or your child may be experiencing issues with eating, speaking properly, or with keeping your teeth healthy and clean due to misaligned teeth. Today, braces are sleeker, smaller, more aesthetically invisible and more comfortable than ever before.

What Are Traditional Braces Made of?

Traditional braces are made of small metal brackets that are adhered to your teeth. The metal brackets are then joined by a thin metal wire. Sometimes rubber elastic material may be used to help with the treatment. Over the course of treatment, the appliance will be adjusted periodically so constant pressure can continually straighten and align your teeth or jaw.

Clear bracket options exist for individuals who are concerned about the appearance of shiny metal brackets. Clear braces and traditional metal braces function exactly the same. The only difference is with their appearance. Learn more about ceramic braces here.