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How Important Is Orthodontics?

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Your dental health is a window into your overall health, and orthodontics plays a critical role in this regard. Orthodontic treatment helps people perfect their smile and ensures that their teeth function properly. When you have a nice bite, you can chew, bite, and converse more easily. Teeth that are out of alignment are more challenging to keep clean and may have atypical enamel degradation, requiring time-consuming and expensive dental repair by a Fort Lupton dentist.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists employ braces, retainers, and other fixed and removable dental appliances like bands to reposition teeth in the mouth. In essence, they are specialists who deal with the alignment issues that many patients today have. They address bite problems such as an overbite or under-bite, misaligned jaws, and dental abnormalities like crooked or crowded teeth or teeth that have gaps between them.

What Does Orthodontics Include?

A long-term solution is orthodontic therapy. Changes to the complex biological system are involved. Changes to the jaw and face bone, as well as soft tissue, occur as teeth are pushed into their new positions. A comprehensive examination of your mouth and teeth often precedes the start of your treatment. The examination of your dental records, including any x-rays, photos, and tooth models, is the next step. Based on this, the Fort Lupton dentist might develop a special treatment plan.


Orthodontists are crucial for people who are either born with dental misalignments or develop them at a later stage. The areas where the two fields differ from each other are in the types of treatments that an orthodontist can provide, which are not offered by a general dentist. Therefore, it is best to contact an orthodontic specialist when considering methods to improve your smile.

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Posted on Sep 26, 2022
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