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5 Facts About Baby Teeth

Small baby laughing with daisys

Many people think baby teeth aren’t all that important because they fall out, but that’s not true. Baby teeth have significant roles to play in your life, from helping your baby chew to speaking. Baby teeth have a role in all these critical milestones in your baby’s life. 

You may think you know everything about baby teeth, but we’re sure the 5 facts we’re about to tell you about baby teeth are sure to amaze you!

  1. All Primary Teeth are Already in the Jaw When the Baby is Born

Now, that’s something we’re sure you didn’t know! All your baby’s 20 primary teeth are already in the baby’s jaw at birth. They erupt when it’s the right time. 

  1. Baby Teeth Help with Speech

Baby teeth aren’t just meant to help your baby chew on their food but also help with speech when they’re learning to talk. They work with the lips and tongue to manipulate the air as it flows through the baby’s mouth to form words. Without baby teeth, it would be very difficult for your child to pronounce words. 

  1. Baby Teeth Guide the New Teeth

Baby teeth serve as a guide for the new teeth, as they hold the space for new teeth to come in. The new teeth wouldn’t know where to erupt without baby teeth, affecting the teeth' alignment. 

  1. Baby Teeth Should be Cleaned from Early On

Just because your baby doesn’t use their teeth to eat solid foods, it doesn’t mean their teeth don’t need to be cleaned. Use a moist cloth to wipe their gums and teeth because sugar-containing liquids can cause tooth decay even in babies.

  1. You Should Get Your Baby’s Teeth Checked by a Dentist Before Their First Birthday

You should take your baby for a dental checkup within 6 months of getting their first tooth or right before they turn 1. This will allow the dentist to check their growth and development and ensure there are no concerns.

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Posted on Dec 12, 2022
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