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Dentistry for Kids
Dentistry for Babies
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About Our Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Our pediatric specialists have a combined # years experience serving child, teens and young adults. Our orthodontic specialist has been practicing in the field of dentistry for over a half decade, seeing thousands of patients.

Their extensive schooling and years practicing has given them much recognition in their fields of dentistry.

We offer the following orthodontics treatments:

We offer orthodontics services for all ages, both young and old. As an adult it’s never too late to correct your teeth and obtain the healthy smile you’ve always wanted. It’s even more important to visit your local orthodontist during your child’s development.While you are here our pediatric dental specialists offers dental services for your children, your teens and/or young adults.

We offer the following pediatric dental services:

Most children don’t need early orthodontic treatment. However, a child should begin seeing a dental specialist as soon as their first tooth breaches the surface - about the age of 1-year-old. It is certainly beneficial to correct any orthodontic issue at younger ages which may avoid unnecessary procedures and problems down the road

We offer complimentary orthodontic consultations and accepting new patients to see our pediatric dental specialists.